areamapbadstafflestienWalking and cycling to various locations in this region of Upper Frankonia in Bavaria. By far the best beer region in Germany, but you have to go to the micro-breweries in the smaller villages that surround Bad Staffelstien. Most beer aficionados go to Bamberg, whilst Bad Staffelstien is a few more stops on the train going towards Lichstenfels.

The biggest hill to walk up is the Staffelstien and on its flat top there is a church and there is also a pub selling food and the local beer named after the mountain top:

walking-up-the-stafflestien  top-of-the-stafflestien


Its not a hard climb to the top of the rocky outcrop of the Staffelburg.

Walking up from the town centre, past the local cemetery and up into the woods. At the top you are rewarded with great views of the town and the valley below and the distant hills surrounding a huge flat plane is below – ideal for cycling.


Cycling to the surrounding villages is the best way to visit all the pubs and many are also micro breweries. Not so many tourists reach these places, I guess along with the beers its a best kept secret of the locals.

hellmuth-brau cycle-to-the-beer-garden

wattendorf-in-its-curved-glass  wattendorfdreams

Wattendorf was my favourite beer of the region, in its authorised bent glass.



gradierwerk-bad-stafflestienThe most amazing place in Bad Staffelstien, which is a Spa town (SpaWebcam) is  the Kurpark Gradierwerk near the Spa just past the railway station. This structure and there are two identical buildings with a round fountain between them, allow salt water from underground to cascade down over cut branches.

A very unique and interesting idea which is creating a unique man-made micro climate. Its peaceful restive and ideal for meditation and has a healing effect for those with sinus and breathing conditions. Gradierwerks are located in places across Germany, its a pity that other countries don’t yet adopt such things. The atmosphere of this place is impossible to convey; you have to be there, however here are a couple of videos. Contemplation, walking around, to attempt to give an idea about this machine that generates healthy invigorating micro-climates.

Beer & Brewery locations around and near the town:


All easily reached by bicycle.