Bishopstone to WantageA 14 mile journey with many great locations of interest to us:

Back onto The Ridgeway

Waylands Smithy Long Barrow

Uffington Castle

Uffington White Horse

Segsbury Castle

Letcombe Regis Church


Back to the Ridgeway - from Bishopstone


From The Royal Oak pub where we spent the night in a House with a great breakfast in the pub we set off for what was to be my last day with my companions – who would continue all the way to the Norfolk Coast on the Michael – Mary Ley-line.




Bishopstone to Wantage


Up the hill in Bishopstone to again join the Ridgeway path, on the Vale of the Whitehorse, entering Oxfordshire from Wiltshire and then continuing until we reached the Waylands Smithy Long Barrow for another spot of Dowsing:



The Long Barrow - Waylands Smithy Discussing Dowsing rods at Waylands Mill - Long barrow

bumble beeStrong currents hear and many of them. Octagonal shapes and several spirals indicating underground springs. Whilst Dowsing here, Theo, several ladies came and after Andrew showed them how they too got the same results of the spirals:

Theo Dowsing at Waylands Smithy - Ridgeway Andrew at Waylands Smithy - a dowsing lesson

Siting inside the barrow I felt a very strong meditative effect.

Back on The ridgeway - after Waylands Smithy Ridgeway - White Horse sign

Onwards to Uffington Castle and the White Horse South Oxfordshire:

Overton Hill To Sparsholt Firs - Ridgeway Sign Approaching Uffington Castle - on The Ridgeway

White Horse Hill sign Uffington Castle - Hill Fort

White Horse Uffington and Dragon Hill beneath

bumble beeWe obtained Dowsing results at the centre of the Hill Fort but vary little at the Uffington White Horse (best seen from the air!). In this picture can be seen the pyramidal (Silbury Hill style) mound beneath the White Horse: Dragon Hill.

2012. Monique_Klinkenbergh. Phalic Crop Circle Uffington.jpg



One of the strangest Crop Circles: The Phallic Crop Circle at the Uffington White Horse, 2012, thought by many to be a joke and thus proof of Crop Circle hoaxes. (c) Monique Klinkenbergh





Back on The Ridgeway after the Uffington White Horse


Back again onto the Ridgeway after visiting the White Horse, next photos; the things we observed on our way:





Flowers in the Ridgeway Chalk Pink wild flowers - Ridgeway

White Hawthorn Blossom Pink Hawthorn Blossom

The Skylark     The Crows in Line

Keeping on keeping on along that Ridgeway:

Sparsholt pines sign -Ridgeway Wantage four and a half - sign Ridgeway     Letcombe Basset sign - Ridgeway

On and On On The Ridgeway - Litcombe Bassett Theo - Segsbury Castle - information sign


Walking the Ridgeway on a sunny day; the reflections of the sun on the chalk path gives high luminance and almost gives you ‘white out’ conditions in your eyes; best to wear sunglasses and use suncream.

Letcombe Regis - Hill Fort


bumble beeSegsbury Castle Iron Age Hill Fort Letcombe Basset. Here the road down to Letcombe Regis cuts straight through the centre of this ancient Hill Fort and at that point there are twin gates into the fields within the earthwork embankment; here there was a strong Dowsing reaction.

Andrew Dowsing here.   Info Link. And good Dowsing books:

Dowsing Guide   Divining Ancient Sites


Off the Ridgeway now, down the long road and into Letcombe Regis:

Rchmond - Letcombe Regis

Down the road from the Ridgeway - entering Letcombe Regis

Letcombe Regis Thatched Cottage

Letcombe Regis Thatched Cottage with post box Letcombe Regis Thatched Cottage icing cake house

Letcombe Regis Thatched Cottage - Yellow Roses Letcombe Regis - Village Shop

1678 - Thatched Cottages - Letcombe Regis - Oxfordshire 1678 Letcombe Regis Thatched Cottages

The White Cottage - Letcombe Regis - Oxfordshire  The ROSE og Letcombe Regis

Letcombe Regis is a ‘chocolate box’ village, beautiful houses and flourishing gardens. Our aim was the Church of St Andrew.

Aproaching St Andrews - Letcombe Regis Signs at St Andrews Church - Letcombe Regis

St Andrews - Letcombe Regis - info


Interesting facts about the church and it’s history are provided on wooden padels; this one tells the story of a Maori Chieftain who is buried in the graveyard with a stone obelisk as his grave marker.





Organ at St Andrews church Letcombe Regis          Window at St Andrews church Letcombe Regis

Font at at St Andrews church Letcombe Regis

bumble beeThe font is said to be one of the oldest things in the church. Fonts are related to Ancient Wells, and there probably was a well under the church or before the church in times long past.  Water as a purification agent in rituals is as old as the hills and the Christian churches adopted this established (pagan) practice as their own for Baptism. Spring water, the water that oozes up from the bowels of the Earth is said to have certain extra properties. This is currently being proven as fact by the emerging new findings about WATER H3O: The Fourth Phase of Water. This font certainly gave a strong Dowsing response.

Church Yard - St Andrews - Letcombe regis

So this was our final objective after four days of visiting ancient spiritual locations.

By walking over the land and visiting spiritual places, it can convey to the mind that sort of extra sense of wonder and beauty that one perceives sometimes in a poem, a work of art, a painting or a performance, a song, a bird, a flower, water pouring over stones; such things alter our state of mind.

Today we had walked around 12 miles. Next of course where else but to seek out the local pub:

The Greyhound Pub - Letcombe Regis    The Greyhound Pub - Brewery Logo - Letcombe Regis


Wantage street signpost


Horror: the pub was closed! So we had to press on to find one and accommodation at the nearest town – Wantage in the next county  – its been in two counties over time! Berkshire and South Oxfordshire:


Wantage to the town center  Thats Wantage Town Center

849 AD: Wantage the birth place of King Alfred The Great:

King Alfred The Great statue wantage - Oxfordshire    Wantage Church

King Alfred Statue Town Square                       Peter and Paul Parish church

Our friend Jan joined us in Wantage after going for a few days to Glastonbury whilst we walked the Ridgeway; she too had interesting experiences and after fish and chips she told her story in the bar that last night of our trip: The Bear Hotel, where we all stayed the night. Its a strange fact that all of our walks seem to end in a pub!

Wantage Fish and Chips - Fried Mars Bars Fish and chips Wantage - no fried Mars Bars thanks

If you expand this picture showing the huge menu you will see they do fried Mars Bars and chips!

Arkells Bear Hotel - Wantage  Bear Hotel Wantage - front


ARKELLS brewery delivery

The Arkell’s brewary truck arrived in the morning;  an emergency re-stocking of the bar after we had drank our fill!

And so after a great full English breakfast we split up, Andrew and Theo continuing along the St Michael Ley-line to the  Norfolk Coast just below Gt Yarmouth.

We all gained something very precious on this journey together,  then as we split up after this walk which ended up being around 12 miles long.



The journey back to the North had one more experience to offer:

We went to the Uffington White Horse in the car and climbed Dragon Hill and breaking the car journey back up North we stopped at Stow – On The – Wolds, in the Cotswolds,  Gloustershire.

Stow - central stone cross Cheese Shop - Stow on the Wold

Queens Head Inn - Stow    West Country Ales - Tower  The Unicorn - old pub Stow on the wold


Beer In the Window - Stow on the Wold Shop Cakes in the Window - Stow on the Wold Shop

After being ‘sensitised’ by our various visits and experiencing the harmonic energies along our journey we didn’t need Dowsing rods to experience the quit still energies of the Church of Saint Edwardsbumble bee

Saint Edwards Church - Stow on the Wold St Edward King and Confessor

Window at St Edwards - Stow on the Wold

Window at St Edwards - Stow on the Wold - 6             Window at St Edwards - Stow on the Wold - 11

Window at St Edwards - Stow on the Wold - 15   Window at St Edwards - Stow on the Wold - 16


The DOOR - St Edwards - Stow

Jan in the Yew Tree Door - St Edwards - Stow on the Wold  DP At Trancept Door Stow on the Wold church of St edward

The ROSE at St Edwards church - Stow on the Wold