DSCN9860Starting from The Inn With The Well, joined by Theo another long distance walker, a friend of Andrew: they met on the Camino; we headed off for as far as we could go on the Ridgeway bearing in mind that we needed a B&B for the night. For three people this was difficult, we phoned around the area, but got negative results; so we set off to just to see what happens, maybe we have to sleep under a tree?

So we began; walking along the main road and up a very steep hill to the Ridgeway.

Not That Way - This Way Look - its this way

Up to the Ridgway we turned left:

On The Ridgeway - from Ogbourne St James Strolling the Ridgeway

Motorbikes on the Ridgeway Whats That Over There

That’s Swindon over there and now we go this way:

Yes it is this way not straight on


I don’t recall why we took this diversion, but there was a hill fort in the distance.

So that’s the way we headed knowing the route most likely re-joined with the Ridgeway further on.

Then we walked along the edge of another flint field:

Flint Field

Flint Stone


bumble beeThen a spiralling wind vortex spun its way across this field, in front of me, I watched it without taking a photograph: a moment of magic!

At the top of this hill a sign back on the Ridgeway or towards Liddington Castle (ancient Hill Fort), we took the route to the Castle and soon found a swath of earth energy; a Ley-line coming from it. We confirmed it with the Dowsing rods:


Towards Liddington Castle SignLiddington Castle:

Trig Point - Liddington Castle

Trig Point – Liddington Castle

Liddington castle Map Dowsing at Liddington castle

bumble beeVery strong Dowsing reaction here.

Sitting at the Trig Point Liddington Castle Para glider at Liddington Castle

Crop Circle nr Liddington


A  past (2012) Crop Circle in the fields below the Castle at Liddington. (From Pinterest).




Back on the main Ridgway trac

After our visit to Liddington we got back on coarse passing along the fields of rapeseed with just a few wild flowers confined to existing at the margins:


Flowers confined to the verges Wild Poppy

emerging from the ridgway


Meeting the main road we go to the right, crossing the M4 – bad vibrations here… and over towards Foxhill.





Crossing the M4 foxhill this road is the Ridgeway - Foxhill

Fox Hill Wiltshire


bumble beeAfter crossing the M4 Motorway we encountered the pleasant effect of the energy from Fox Hill and Dowsed it for certainty.

looks like the positioning of the Cell Phone tower has had little effect on the Ley-line energies, or does it amplify it? Maybe somebody put a tower buster nearby :-)


DSCN9926 Fox Hill on the Ridgeway

Bishopstone - Foxhill signpost


We keep on the road going straight to our target the church of St John The Baptist rather than the longer on the Ridgeway option: and in 2011 lots of Crop Circles nearby at Hinton Parva. Beatiful flowering hedgerows on our route:



Hedgerow flowers Rose of the Hedgrow

Bishopstone              Ducks in Road Bishopstone

BISHOPSTONE 12th century village

Bishopstone thatched house


To the Church of Saint John The Baptist:

Church of Saint John The Baptist - Bishopstone magnificent organ - church of st john - Bishopstone

Transept entrance - st Johns Bishopstone Window St Johns Church Bishopstone

The Font - St Johns Bishopstone       Dowsing the trancept and font at St Johns - Bishopstone

leaving st johns - Bishopstone


bumble beeGeomancing the good energies of the church; tracing the octagonal currents around the font and the flow of a Ley-line through the transept doors in the church.

Only one thing to do now; seek out the village pub and get a well deserved pint or three.


Ducks in Line - Thatched House bishopstone  Fox on the thatch - Bishopstone

Royal Oak - Bishopstone  Royal Oak pub sign - Bishopstone

Thre pints of 3B for a start - Royal Oak Bishopstone Pints of ARKELLS

Planning the next route

Earlier we had phoned this pub The Royal Oak and told they had no vacancies. Just as we were planning our route and hoping to find a place to stay for the night at a point further along our route.

Then as we ate a magnificent meal (this pub has great but expensive food) The boss came over, looking at our packs he asked; where we came from and where we were going. (Pilgrims on a pilgrim route). He offered a large discount on accommodation in fact an entire house was put at our disposal (thank you Mr ‘G’).

So instead of heading onwards we took the afternoon off and stayed the rest of the day and night at the pub (what the pub lost on discounted accommodation – they gained in our newly adopted heavy drinking schedule! So the walk ended and we did about 8 miles.

Royal Oak's House - B&B acomodation Drink On Mc Duff - at the Royal Oak - Bishopstone near Swindon

We were serenaded by a band, and even the toilets that we frequented- often – were quit hospitable:

Serenaded by a band - Royal Oak Bishopstone The Bogs at the Royal Oak Bishopstone

And so this day ended as a Pub to Pub walk: 8 miles approximately.

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