The Ridgeway signFrom Avebury we take the route directly opposite the village High Street, over the main road and past the Red Lion pub, in the direction to Sarsen Fields and Overton Downs: The Herepath (Green Street). We are on The Ridgeway.

Aprox 8 miles (if you go the right way!)

St.Michael linemapWe are following the Michael-Mary Ley-line. My friend Andrew has already walked to Avebury from Carn Les Boel Cornwall and is continuing to Hopton on the Norfolk coast. Website – UTUBE video. He has walked the CAMINO in Spain several times.

The line is straight on the map but the flow of the Earth’s energies over the route is Serpentine. It follows and twines about the land: twin pathways: female the Mary line, male the Michael line; often snaking away and around the land conjoining at nodal points. These nodal points when one or both meet at certain locations on the land form the straight Ley-line shown on the map. The line has a very high percentage of ancient sites and churches on the line. Also the intervening meanderings of the Michael-Mary lines also meets and crosses lots of subsidiary locations in between the major nodal points. There is an absolutely vast amount of such locations, many removed by farming methods. The film Standing With Stones is a very good example of the huge amount of these ‘Ley-markers’ that our ancestors worked to install. In a period (Neolithic) when the population was dispersed and very small they undertook a massive project, almost beyond comprehension, so they must have had a very good reason.

Seed of Nowledge Stone of PlentyOne answer may be in the book;  Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty, in which the author has found that seeds put near to such stones become more fertile and longer lasting; very important to a burgeoning agricultural society. It also shows that these flowing energies may certainly be beneficial for other reasons.

Walking above the breathtaking rolling hills on the white chalk path of the Ridgeway after turning left at Fyfield Down Nature reserve above the Malborough Downs:



Fyfield Down Avebury Ridgeway route to Barbury castle


We missed the White Horse!

Were Heading for Here - On The Ridgeway Ridgeway sign

Onwards to Barbury Castle Hill Fort: bumble bee

Ridgeway to Barbury Catle Barbury Castle Hillfort

Barbury Castle Sign Flying a kite at Barbury castle on the Ridgeway

The ancient ‘castle’ hill fort from the air and also a recent nearby crop circle:

Barbury Castle - from the air Crop Circle nr Barbury Castle

After the castle we ended up going straight on instead of going to the left (adding about four miles)

Which way? We learned after this long detour that many walkers have made this mistake!

Whichway - Ridgeway Get A Move On - Wrong way - Ridgeway

Our detour took us past the Race Horse Gallops:

Race Horse Gallops - wrong Ridgeway


At the end of this white chalk route we came to a road, where we met a walker going in the opposite direction; he told us to go left at the road up the hill and to keep on to Ogbourne Maizey and through that little hamlet on to Ogbourne St Andrew.


So we had left the Ridgeway and our detour now made us headed on the road to Ogbourne Maizey with its beautiful thatched cottages:

Thatched Cottage Ogbourne Maizey Thatched Cottage - Ogbourne Maizey

Ogbourne St andrew Bus Stop


We went through the village to the main road and went to the left and along it to Ogbourne St Andrew and the church there: the objective of our walk:



This is not a pub The River Og

Andrew reaches St Andrews Church - Osbourne St andrew St Andrews Church - Door - Osbourne St Andrews

St Andrews Church and Graves - Ogbourne St Andrews

bumble beeSt Andrews Church was closed. The church is close to a hill in the graveyard: a bronze age barrow.

Andrew dowsed the outside of the church certifying that the line ran through the doors (right through both sides).

We were now heading for Ogbourne St George. A lot of Ogbourne’s in this are all on the river Og.

As we had gone wrong on our route adding several miles making the walk into about 12 miles, we were fortunately picked up by car by another of our friends (Jan) and taken to nearby Ogbourne St George were our overnight stay was in a stable!

Ogbourne St George - Stables Horses - Ogbourne St James

Of course the evening was spent in the local pub, remarkably The Inn With The Well!

The Inn With The Well



bumble beeAnd yes… the well is on a Ley-line.




The next part of the walk begins from the pub were we met another friend Theo Van Der Burg from Holland: NEXT > Ogbourne St George to Bishopstone