A walk around Avebury taking in several of the major locations: approx 5.5 miles.

Fosse Way

First taking a route in the car from Yorkshire to the Roman Road: THE FOSSE WAY.  Calling in at Brinklow Castle then with a diversion to the the ROLLRIGHT STONES:

Brinklow Castle Sign Brinklow Castle Mound

ST John The Baptist Church Brinklow

Saint John The Baptist church is in the village of Brinklow, its on the Fosse Way (B4455 Road) behind the church stands the mound remains of Brinklow Castle.

The earth works at this location is most likely older than the castle and the church and is thus located here following the adoption of existing pagan sites to become absorbed by the newer religion. Brinklow Parish church Window Inside the church; a peaceful atmosphere is quit palpable.


bumble beeBrinklow Parish Church window:



The Fosse Way reaches the the A 429 turning off towards Shipton on Stour, continuing on through Long Compton on the A3400 reaching The Rollright Stones:

The Rollright Stone circle

The Rollright Stone circle with a maze cut into the foreground grass.


Next we drove onwards to Avebury: Avebury-Henge


Avebury-Old-Map-Stukeleyx St.Michael linemap

Situated upon the Michael and Mary Ley line Avebury is just as enigmatic as Stone Henge, has a similar stone causeway to Carnac in France and along with all such Neolithic sites is gaining a new wave of interest.

Avebury from the air.

The Red Lion is a good place to start:

Red Lion Avebury

A circular walk; through the Avebury village, onto Silbury Hill, across the main road (A4) to West Kennett Long Barrow, on to the sacred Swallowhead Spring, returning to the path near Silbury Hill (back across the A4) and up over Arden Hill to join the West Kennet Stone Avenue. (5.5 miles) and back to the Avebury central stone circle.


The village:

Post Box - Henge Shop - Avebury Cottage - Avebury

Thatched Cottage - Avebury


A village of imminence beauty, superb on a sunny day; with thatched cottages adorned with flowers.

The Saxon & Norman church of St; James has that silence that can be ‘heard’ it is without doubt an aid to meditation and real prayer and can be perceived at many ancient churches, and neolithic and megalithic sites.

Close to and upon nodal ley-line locations Dowsers can map out the Earth’s Telluric forces and underground energies that our ancestors were far more aware of and marked them with stones and earthworks – we are only now realizing that geometry (shapes and designs) create subtle energies. bumble bee  Many people report perceiving higher altered states of mind and altered states of conciousness being facilitated at such locations. The Saxons and the Normans and the superstitious from those times up until now – thought such places were linked to devilish forces, and so assuaged them by destruction (burning and smashing them) or by annealing them with the positioning of Christian churches built at, on, or over such sites.

St James church:

DSCN9662 DSCN9663

Window St James church Avebury


Light shinning through the window inside the church.

After a visit to the church and experiencing its stillness and silence we crossed over the road to the end of the street and went through the tree lined passageway to emerge at the main Avebury car park. Crossing over the road, Silbury Hill comes into view:



from the road at Avebury car park - Pathway to Silbury Hill Path to Silbury Hill

We passed Silbury Hill (you are not allowed to climb it anymore) and crossed over the main road (A4) to go up the hill to West Kennet Long Barrow:

A4 Road - West Kennett Long Barrow sign Rapeseed fields near West Kennett long Barrow with Silbury Hill below

Green ManOn the hill climb up to West Kennet Long Barrow the abundance of the land, can be appreciated; the agriculture. Although a dominant mono single plant oil rapeseed is dominating and flourishing, marginalised plants are surviving at the edges, though considerably reduced in numbers and some species of insects are flirting about, the birds celebrating and the deer watching. And when a person is in a contemplating state of mind (active meditation) when man is in tune; then such a person becomes the personification of the Green Man; and participates in the the connected dance of life: all of the natural world celebrates.

There is subtle energy flowing through this land. The ancients knew it. They marked the land and positioned stones and mounds to operate with it, to channel it, focusing it for several reasons: for marking out the planetary movements and positions of the stars, amazingly they had knowledge of the Earth’s 26 thousand year precession. For the fertility of the ground and growing things, for agriculture – essential for survival. For sensitive’s to come and visit such places and to be affected so as to become aware of the interdependence and love of all life in harmony with the underlying creator, and carry such experienced awareness back to their communities; the true meaning of the Green Man.

Seed of Nowledge Stone of Plenty


The book:  Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty provides a scientific explanation of part of the reasons for megalithic structures. The author John Burke (YOUTUBE outline) using technically sensitive instruments has proven the case but been ignored by mainstream archaeologists. This evidence of the Earth energies that Dowsers have always known is very convincing.


Silbury Hill - 2008


The area surrounding Avebury is the location for annual and sustained manifestations of Crop Circles, these happen all over the world, but are more noticeable here. Many people think they are a hoax. Most think they stopped many years ago; but they continue in complexity year after year unreported in the popular media. Photo (c)Lucy Pringle from: Crop Circle website. More Crop Circles.


West Kennet Long Barrow is just up the hill from Silbury Hill and just above the crop circle shown here in the picture of it in the rapeseed oil field:

West Kennet Long Barrow WK long Barrow

Inside WK Long Barrow Inside West Kennett Long Barrow

bumble beeOne of the large stones at the end of the Barrow was exuding very cold water; it seemed to be oozing up from below. Could this be a spring below: no see comments further on.

Such deep spring water is known to be beneficial and even science is recognizing it as a new type of water; See WATER. But these springs are not found on hills and are fairly scares, most often in lower landscapes: see Swallowhead Spring.

Maria Wheatly pointed out to me after reading this post – “West Kennet long barrow is most wrong. You cannot have sacred healing water on top of a hill in that area on chalk downland rather impossible,  do please amend as it is rather misleading,  that’s if I read it right about healing water at West Kennet?

The geology clearing affects this and chalk absorbs rainwater which is yang water very common in chalk downland and I thought only Avebury had a geospiral. Yin water is rather rare and not that common and that is why you don’t have huge amounts of sites in the Avebury environs, focus Avebury etc ”

My comment to Maria: THANK’s for pointing out about the water oozing up at West Kennet. I will certainly amend it.

I did though ‘feel’ something special about it..that wet stone…. as you say perhaps not healing properties… certainly something useful… I got a very much stronger sense of this at a location last year in Spain:

The Dolmen in Spain – Dolmen de Menga:  Antequera, Málaga region, Spain.

Its also on a hill above limestone, remarkably it has a huge well going down inside, which nobody can account for – who dug it, was it original etc., a further puzzle… put it on your list to investigate if your anywhere near.

As we emerged from inside West Kennet, Swifts were flitting about and flying around us even inside the Long Barrow:

Swallow at West Kennett Long Barrow Swallow inside West Kennett Long Barrow

Tree Dowsing - near West Kennett Long Barrow

Dowsing the energy lines; one runs along from West Kennett Long Barrow, down the hill and right through its centre line is this tree: exuding and spreading around and outpouring this subtle energy from its leaves. From here we go over the path that runs around the field bordered by trees and a small brook to Swallowhead Spring. On our way a small deer crossed our path and kept in front of us, moving slowly then and then it sprang up and with leeping jumps raced around the buttercup filled field circling round and right back to our rear:


Buttercup Field & Silbury hill Leeping Red Deer

Brook Near Swallowhead SpringThe encounter with the tree followed by the deer was a remarkable event reminiscent of what Robert Graves was exposing  about the Druid trees and deer in his book The White Goddess. At the far corner of the field we go over the stepping stones over the brook, around the tree to the spring. It was dry and adorned with trinkets, eggshells beads and wristbands. From here we re-traced our steps back around the field, back to the track and across the A4 through the style gate and on along the pathway alongside the field surrounding Silbury Hill.


Avebury Sign post at Silbury Hill A4


Near the first style/gate there is a path to the right going up Waden Hill, we go up and over to the other side to join the west Kennett Avenue of megalithic stones:




Walking up Waden Hill - Silbury Hill in the background

The View over the hill:

Hawthorne Tree - Waden Hill Avebury Butterfly on white weeds

On the grassy path over Warden Hill a Hawthorne tree adorned with trinkets, ribbons and hanging eggs, below a butterfly. Below the photographs show the valley bottom and the West Kennett Avenue of stones:

Over Arden Hill - W. Kennett Stone Avenue West Kennett Avenue of Megalithic Stones

Walking along the stone lined avenue we reach the Avebury circle and in an inner circle we Dowsed the energy:

Andrew Dowsing at Avebury Dowsing the in the Avebury circle; locating geometric shapes

bumble beeA pregnant lady sits against a stone in the background as we Dowsed the central area which once had a huge upright megalith positioned in the middle.

We found a central spiral, an octagon, and a containing square all marked out on the ground, probably rising into the sky above and possible into the Earth below.

Now its beginning to become accepted that Dowsers can map out energy lines and some people with modern instruments have detected energies at sites such as this.

Geologists, historians etc of the mainstream avoid such investigations, but most will agree that the Earth is a planet hurtling through space and revolving at a thousand miles per hour and has a measurable magnetic field. Can this field be detected: yes. Do such fields fluctuate: yes. Do these fields contain potential vast amounts of energies and frequencies: well obviously its another YES.

Geometric shapes within such fields? that seems more difficult to accept, however if we can accept that such subtle underlying fields are residing within a hidden dimension from our normal senses, is that too far fetched a step? Are we sensing and mapping a parallel dimension: possibly an organising crystalline like template emitting designs – well we might just be tapping into the subtle sub-structures and organising energies of mother nature itself!

Look at recurring patterns in flowers: the Sacred Geometry of Flowers.

Sunflower Star - Flower OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Discussing the energy lines - Avebury Discussing the energy lines at Avebury

Discussing the energy lines with people we met.

The only thing left to do next –  to sample the Avebury Well Water:

Beer at the Red Lion Avebury


Avebury B&B with crystalsbumble beeSyncronisities begin to occur, but often personalised and not easy to describe as they are meaningless to others outside the internal external manifestations, however one was the fact that our lodgings for a couple of nights in Avebury were spent in a remarkable B&B resplendent with lots of crystals, local books and pictures of crop circles.

The very next day we set off to walk the Ridge Way on the next link from Avebury on the Michael and Mary Ley-line.

The book that inspired the  Michael and Mary Ley-line pilgrimage is:


Books that expand greatly the theory of Ley-Lines.

Spine of Albion