Walking and being aware of all the things surrounding on the route.

Everything is in 3D!

Hardcastle Craggs Autumn 2013

Hardcastle Craggs Autumn 2013

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Walks that encourage Active Meditation.

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This website will document some walks in Yorkshire with the emphasis on travelling and looking and really ‘seeing’ the surroundings and practising if you want to; a form of Meditation that will assist in stilling the over-active mind that results from the stressful life conditions we experience these days:

Walk, breath and look; for your health sake.

This method of becoming more meditative in natural surroundings is EASY, very simple, as all human beings are pre-programmed to connect with the natural world.

Forget about OSHO and other types of ‘Active Meditation’ that require rapid activity followed by deep meditative practices.

We don’t want physical exertion; other than a normal walking pace, forget about Marshal Arts, although that’s s a good strategy as is Qigong, but its not the one described here, ours is a little like the Buddhist Walking Meditation, or like the mindful journeys of a wandering Dervish, but be that as it maybe, there is no exact formula nor religion, nor any fee paying for meditation secrets; no need of a mysterious technique here. Just simply to walk, observe and see the world about us.

In more consciously walking and taking active footsteps; we are not withdrawing our attention from the outside world; far from it we are trying to actively observe it.

These days people are over stimulated by coarse and constant noise, advertising, constant music, texting, being always on-line, checking for incoming messages, forming habitual needs to view TV series, constant shopping, additionally work, family and money pressures all ad up to feeding an already over stimulated range of internal mental chatter and stress. Due to this over-stimulation and adrenal addiction we tend to only value new strong impacts and dismiss the more subtle variety, dumping such sensitive experiences into the anti-climax bin. Thus Active Meditation at first can be disappointing as it does not stimulate these full-tilt senses.  To become sensitive to more subtle impressions we have to get over our coarse need for mainline stimulation and patiently walk on and seek to develop a more ‘watchful’ and quite mode of observance of our own walking and our impressions of our surroundings: watchfulness.

Meditation is a proven system for healthy living it assists in reducing stress and the diseases related to it. But you don’t have to sit silently, you don’t have to rush about with induced rapid physical exercise, you don’t have to concentrate on breathing correctly or attempting to silence your mind (that with time will come naturally) No there are no things to do nothing to remember and nothing to worry about.

With these methods of Active Meditation you simply move into and experience a meditative state of peace of mind. Its simple just walk, breath quite normally and use your eyes to see.

Walking, walking, walking – gives the body something to do, leaving the eyes and the mind to just observe, this can still the chattering mind, without any need for any special technique. Don’t give up if you still feel the stress of  life persist sometimes it takes a few trips, but intention is powerful, keep at it and you will become to realise that what I describe here as Active Meditation will become yours, or better it will become you. You will obtain if only briefly periods of time when you can leave your troubles behind. And in anycase if none of this appeals to you, no worries just go ahead and walk with your troubles in your backpack.

The exercise of walking assists perception we move along at a natural pass part of the way we have been for millions of years. If you rush along like army soldier yomping, or are the type that wants to complete the walk in the fastest time go ahead you can use the routes here to find your way; but there is so much you will miss.

Our hectic modern day life style is all about rush, and now also about connectivity always being connected by digital mobiles, map screens and whatever. Use this to take with you by all means but get connected to the environment your travelling in rather than staying tuned to the office.

There that should have got ride of those types; never to return to this website; so now we can press on with our ambling passage in tune with our surroundings.

Active meditation and intermittent silences are the best way to connect, we don’t need all that chatter that goes along with rambling groups who talk and walk and see hardly nothing atall.

Creative Meditation is used in the NHS and in lots of schools.

Patients recover quicker in hospital if they can see flowers, even photographs of natural scenes; so how much more benefit will we obtain by walking outside in nature and absorbing its patterns, colours, sights and sounds and turning our vision into really seeing our environment. Its our natural state.